Ideal Store & FSDU Visualisation

A new store layout has been designed or simply a new marketing campaign for a brand to fit into existing stores has been devised; communicating this to all stake holders to attain feedback and sign off can be complex, providing a mood and ambience of the concept is key, and failing to do so can leave doubts. Konarch CGI has developed its style and quality to convey creative ideas clearly in a retail environment for shopper marketing, showing aisles, shelves and products from the vantage point of the shopper, first sight of a POS display as they turn a corner; giving understanding to the first impression while only at the concept stage of development.

Options for displays; depending on the size of store or budget an interrupter or FSDU can be designed with varying levels, through 3D visualisation the same scene can be created, identically, with each level shown to give absolute clarity in comparison. This type of presentation can be still visuals, animations and most

effectively interactive presentations where all stake holders can access designs online and select between the option levels, change view angle and even colour options. This type of animated presentation can tell a very complete story as it delivers the

Animations can be timed to music, voice over and overlaid text creating more informative multimedia experience. This type of animated presentation can tell a very complete story as it delivers the information to the viewer in the correct sequence, with no abstentions; this can be a powerful tool at group presentations or online where you want to be sure the viewer is channelled in the right direction of understanding, inform them of all details and direct to the next stage.

All our animations can be made suitable for broadcast, DVD and web, as well, developed into interactive media, allowing the user choose their route, invite friends to view and request further information.