Technical 3D Visualisation

Also known as product Rendering and Technical Illustration; it is the process of creating three-dimensional images or animations that show the attributes of a proposed architectural design. At Konarch we like to think of it simply as 3D visual communication.
What is its best style and medium? That is were our expertise comes in; we have found through years of working on simple components to large industrial plant, not every project requires the same level of detail or realism. Understanding the end purpose of a 3D visual dictates the level of production, for instance, the presentation of an initial concept if shown as realistic 3D can create a negative reaction from a distributor, specifier or customer as the

realism gives the impression of finality to the design, ‘this is it’, though the intention was to provoke discussion and ideas. So, presenting the design with less detail and conceptual style of finish tells viewers it is concept, work in progress.

Presenting construction products has many tenets, one of note is materials and finishes; a powerful benefit with technical 3D visualisation is creating the exact same image but with different finishes and detailing, enabling accurate comparisons to be made and giving confidence to final decisions.