Virtual Reconstruction

The restoration and maintenance of historical structures requires a large team of experts, officials and at times the general public which can make communicating what is actually planned to happen complicated and open to misinterpretation and subsequent delays through unnecessary objections. Konarch CGI has assisted large team projects by creating visual presentations of how a project is going to be approached, the key stages and what the final outcome will look like. This allows all stake holders to comment, query and understand each step, ironing out all unknowns early on.

Animations can be timed to music, voice over and overlaid text creating more informative multimedia experience. This type of animated presentation can tell a very complete story as it delivers the information to the viewer in the correct sequence, with no abstentions; this can be a powerful tool at group presentations or online where you want to be sure the viewer is channelled in the right direction of understanding, inform them of all details and direct to the next stage.