Shadow Studies (Light Analysis)

Understanding the light and shadow scenarios of a location before and after the addition of any proposed development is significant to the success of a proposed development. Konarch use real world lighting systems to assess the light and shadow areas create from and around architecture, making our analysis both clear and accurate.

The right to light! And if you have it and think it is going to be impinged upon by a proposed development, you will oppose the planning application vigorously. So showing the impact of a building on the lightscape of its surroundings at equinox and solstice, four times of day can easily allay concerns before they happen.

This same process of creating a shadow study can be used to assess the aesthetic of a design through the day and year, how the changing light catches the features and alters the design's pronunciation.

These shadow studies can be animated and presented to assimilate time lapse photography, a year in thirty seconds, which can be a powerful selling tool of design to a client, weather an office block on single dwelling self build.