Photomontage (Visual Impact Study)

This is the process (and result) of making a composite photograph by cutting and joining a number of other photographs through post production software. In the case of Konarch it is the process of accurately photographic a development site from a known location, then compositing into this a 3D architectural visual from where the virtual camera is at the exact same location relative to the development site.

A general requirement for planning applications, development applications, pre planning meetings and public consultation; in being a powerful communication tool in showing what the project is, it also answers many complex questions before they are asked; will the buildings architectural design stand with presence in its busy surroundings or blend seamlessly into the landscape keeping nature as the main event?

Many self build Dwellings struggle with this, people view the plans and look at the landscape and imagine a blot, an accurate photomontage can show how it will be, which in some cases does highlight the need for design changes or alternative selection of construction products, which can be addressed prior to final submission.

A large number of planning and development applications struggle due to lack of clarity, fear of the unknown and change. Besides our photomontage visuals being highly accurate, we can also show what can’t be seen, using the accuracy of our process. We know and can show where a building sits behind another object and represent it as a clear red outline.