Interior Visualisation

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.” But what does it look like before it is built? This is where Konarch’s services and expertise come into there own, having created clear interior visuals and walk-throughs for single dwellings to visitor centres we have considerable experience in assisting designers and clients alike to realise their vision and communicate it to all stake holders.

Our 3D library of materials, furnishings and other interior components enables Konarch to easily create scenes to present a design and also model bespoke furniture and fittings to order.

The spaces within an architectural design can in many cases be a blank canvas, with the shapes and colours added having a significant effect to the perception of the space. With Interior Visualisation a space can be tried with different arrangements or the same, but with variations in materials and finishes, allowing you assess the customer's impression before a single brush is stroked.

For properties being promoted off plan, realistic interior 3D visuals help capture the viewer's imagination and interest, without the cost of fitting out a show house and more effectively allow you easily present several versions of the same interior, as ideas or contractual options.