Animated Walk-Through

It was said a ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ and animation speaks a thousand pictures. So whether it is a walk through, fly around, virtual tour or simply animation; adding movement to 3D visualisation has an immense impact on the viewer.
Firstly, it introduces the building in the context of its surroundings at a view angle to set the mood, by moving around the structure the viewer can understand and appreciate the aesthetic, shape and structural relationships.

Secondly, it visually shows the features and benefits by bringing the viewer on a journey through and around the design, making sure their first impression is from the ideal vantage point, building their enthusiasm and connection by delivering rooms and areas to suit the target audience’s key touch points of interest.

Animations can be timed to music, voice over and overlaid text creating more informative multimedia experience. This type of animated presentation can tell a very complete story as it delivers the information to the viewer in the correct sequence, with no abstentions; this can be a powerful tool at trade shows and online where you want to keep the visitors attention, inform them and direct to the next stage. Animations can be seamlessly looped with either the first and last frame being the same or through fade outs, making your animation continuous, seamlessly.

All our animations can be made suitable for broadcast, DVD and web, as well, developed into interactive media, allowing the user choose their route, invite friends to view and request further information.