3. Design Presentation

It may be just one display unit or aisle interrupter, but when it gets rolled out across many, many stores it becomes a whole different ball game with near no room for error.

Konarch offer the ability to assess a campaign realistically prior to sign off, showing designs in realistic virtual environments with variations in layout, construction and branding.

Our project process suits campaign development, especially in the area of customer experience; when they turn an aisle what catches the eye first, does the creative stand out in all locations,

competing for visual space with the surrounding array of colours and shapes.

Using the presentations as a tool for reps to communicate best practice to store managers can be highly effective, being able to show the before, after and key stages in between.

Nearly all marketing presentations can be turned into animations and made suitable for broadcast, DVD and web, as well, developed into interactive media, allowing the user choose their route, invite friends to view and request further information.