2. Consulting

Conveying ideas concepts, with enough detail for it to be understood, though loose enough for the imagination to fill in the rest and not to be perceived as the finished design is a tough task.

Konarch has taken very rough sketches and turned them into believable visuals, through our experience and discussion filled in the blanks, and on the other end, taken final CAD files and created minimal detail sketch like concept presentation. This expertise enables our clients communicate a project to a specific audience in a manner fitting to the required response.

Our 3D models a built using a process developed over many years, the same methods for all levels of presentation; this enables a project be shown conceptually, then quickly developed with updates and detailing to be rendered to a realistic quality.

Nearly all conceptual presentation can be turned into animations and made suitable for broadcast, DVD and web, as well, developed into interactive media, allowing the user choose their route, invite friends to view and request further information.